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Christine has a special interest in the career transitions of clergy and those employed in the not-for-profit sector. She brings in-depth knowledge and understanding to how people with a calling or vocation think about career and what that means in practice for the individual and the institutional system in which they work. 


Her practice supports a wide range of individuals involved in religious life and work.  This includes ordained ministers and deacons, lay workers and readers and Church leaders responsible for the development of clergy such as archdeacons, DDOs and directors of ministry.

Due to Christine’s insightful process, deep understanding of the Church and the sense of calling and vocation, I was able to realistically analyse what I can offer and what I need to thrive. I have since made a successful application for a new role.   



Rural Dean, November 2017

Read more about Christine's individual career counselling and career workshops for clergy.

Career Counselling 

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