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Career Counselling

Career conversations are a vital part of our development, progression and satisfaction at work. They can make a real difference to how we use our energy and resources to make career-related decisions such as changing jobs or feeling more effective within an existing role.


Career Counselling is a place where such conversations can take place. It is a structured, confidential process offering one-to-one support over a period of time. You can talk, be heard, and begin to navigate your next steps with greater confidence and renewed energy.

Clergy and church-related career conversations can mean talking about issues such as:

  • Seeking career support as part of a significant life change

  • Feeling ‘stuck’ and indecisive

  • Deciding whether to move on or re-negotiate your current role

  • Clarifying what it means to be called to a specific post or place

  • Wanting to use your skills and talents differently

  • Developing greater confidence in making applications and attending interviews

For more information about Christine's approach see:



It was a delight to work with Christine. She is very caring, but also very sharp. After a time of some difficulties, she helped me approach my own strengths again, and she renewed my confidence in what God might do in and through me. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I was successful in my application to a senior staff position in a diocese. 


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